Itchy Skin on Dogs

Itchy Skin on Dogs

The problem of itchy skin in dogs is caused due to different dog health problems. Diseases caused due to these problems can give you a hard time in maintaining the skin and coat of your pet dog. Itchy dog skin can also get quite troublesome for the dog if it is not treated appropriately. It is therefore, essential to determine the cause of itching dog skin and to treat it so that the dog's skin health can be restored. Itchy skin can be caused due to allergies, bacterial or fungal infections or due to the usage of an inappropriate skin product on the dog's coat. Itchy skin can also be a symptom of a number of canine skin diseases.

What Causes Itchy Skin in Dogs?
One of the most common cause of itchy skin is a type of skin allergy in dogs known as contact dermatitis, that is a result of the dog's skin coming in contact with products like harsh shampoos and conditioners, detergents, plants and perfumes or colognes. Other common causes of itching dog skin include parasitic, bacterial or fungal skin infections like mange, mites or scabies, flea or tick infestation, dry skin, food allergies and yeast infections. You will notice your dog itching skin too frequently. In fact, it may also lick or bite the skin and that can result in cuts and wounds on the dog's skin along with bleeding. If this is not taken care of, it may also result in a skin infection that may be difficult to treat.

Once the cause of itchy skin is determined, treating the skin condition becomes a lot easier. For itchy skin caused due to allergies, administering antihistamines may be helpful in treating the condition. For other medical conditions causing the itchy skin in dogs, treating the disease causing it will be the only way to rid the dog of the problem. Itchy skin caused due to food allergies, the food item causing the allergy should be discontinued immediately. Skin infections that cause the dog to itch must be treated in order to relieve the dog of the condition. Delay in treatment of skin infections can lead to other serious skin related disorders in the dog.

You can make use of the following itchy skin remedies for your pet dog that is suffering from itchy skin and related problems.

An oatmeal bath for dogs can be helpful in relieving the dog of itchy skin. You can use the oatmeal to scrub of dry skin and bathe the dog with oatmeal to soothe the skin and cure the condition quickly.

Aloe Vera
You can use aloe vera gel on the dog's itchy skin to soothe the skin and cure the condition. Apply some aloe vera gel on the affected area, twice a day and make sure the dog does not lick it away. Allow it to gradually soak into the skin.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties that can help prevent skin infections and cure itchy skin. Apply some tea tree oil to the affected skin area and let it soak into the dog's skin.

Calendula Extract
Calendula extract can be used for topical application on the dog's itchy skin. Apply a few drops of the extract to the coat and the affected skin areas to relieve the condition quickly.

Treating itchy skin in dogs is extremely essential to relieve your dog of the discomfort caused to it due to the skin condition. It is also essential for good overall dog health and fitness.

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