Want to Give Your Pet a Treat? Dont Overfeed Him!

Want to Give Your Pet a Treat? Dont Overfeed Him!

By Carol Johnson

Many pet lovers think they can easily show their dog or cat how much they love them by giving them a treat and rubbing their belly. But too many of those treats, and that belly will get bigger and bigger. Which is a sad state of affairs, because a pets weight level is totally managed by its owner.

A 2005 study from Purina found that 60% of pets in the United States were overweight. But almost half of the owners surveyed said that their pet had an "ideal" body condition. Most people show their pets love and affection by giving them snacks now and then, but they dont realize, for instance, that one single dog biscuit can carry as much as 100 calories. So if you give your dog five treats, thats 500 calories! Add to that the table scraps after dinner, along with their regular food, and before you know it, your healthy dog will become a fat sausage with legs.

Pet nutritionists say that obese pets can be a sensitive issue to owners, because they take it personally when the vet tells them their pet is overweight. But they should take it personally, because a pets food intakeand therefore their weightis completely controlled by the owner. And a pet owner doesnt want to admit his pet is fat because its clearly the owners fault.

Just like people who are carrying extra pounds, the added weight will eventually cause health problems for pets, and may actually shorten the animals life. Vets are seeing increasing numbers of pets with severe orthopedic problems, as well as respiratory, cardiac, and metabolic problems, all of which could have been prevented by owners keeping them on a regular diet and exercise regimen. Many people dont use measuring cups to feed their petsso if a bag of food says 1 cup a day and you just pour the food into the bowl, you could easily be giving your pet twice the amount he should have, or even more.

Several websites, including the College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University, have a test you can use to find out your pets body condition score and learn whether or not it is overweight. The test is the same one used by many vets to determine what the ideal weight of an animal should be.

But you dont need a test to see if your pet is too heavy; there are two simple tests you can perform yourself without having to have a vet tell you to cut back on the treats. If you stand over your cat or dog and look down at them, you should be able to see their "waist" tucking inward just in front of the hips, just like a healthy humans waistline. If you run your hands across the chest and sides of a dog or cat, you should be able to feel their ribs, without a layer of fat covering them. If you can see the ribs just looking at the animal, then they are underweightbut if you cant feel them, then the animal is overweight.

If you decide that your pet should shed a few pounds, there are several easy steps to take that will be painless and actually enjoyable for your pet: Just like people, animals need to stay at a healthy weight in order to live happy lives without suffering from obesity-related ailments. But unlike people, they dont need willpower and discipline to lose weight. All they need is an owner who loves them enough to not give them treats. So give your dog a belly rub instead, and then play fetch for a while. He may not be able to say thank you, but youll be able to enjoy having him around a while longer.

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