Technology Helping Pets - Chemical Free Flea and Tick Solution

Technology Helping Pets - Chemical Free Flea and Tick Solution

  • 1 tag lasts 4 years, saving an average of $1,300.00 over a 4 year period, compared to traditional products
  • Scalar waves have been shown to provide benefits to your dog including improved blood circulation, higher energy levels, and a boosted immune system
  • No chemicals involved, whatsoever

Fleas and Tick are gross, and what's more important, they are dangerous to pets and people. Ticks carry Lyme's disease, which left untreated, can cause liver damage in pets and people. While there is no shortage of treatment and prevention products on the market, the options are not as safe as the manufacturer's claims imply.

Traditional treatment and prevention products for fleas and ticks include:

• Perimeter Sprays
• Spot on applications for your pet
• Flea and tick sprays
• Fleas and tick collars
• Flea and tick shampoos
All of these products have one thing in common - they all contain pesticides. In fact, they contain a chemical that is commonly used in Raid and other household ant and roach killing products. When applied to your dog's skin, these products get absorbed into the bloodstream. Over time (and for some dogs, immediately) these chemicals become toxic and cause death. Other dogs have suffered skin burns and temporary muscle weakness, making them unable to walk. There have also been reports of nausea, vomiting, and seizures.
These products are dangerous for people too. During or after application, chemicals can get onto skin, clothing, furniture, or carpets And if you have children who hug and play with your dogs, you certainly don't want them exposed to potentially toxic chemicals.


This is another form of parasite protection. It is given to your dog monthly and not only prevents fleas and ticks, it has the added bonus of preventing heart worm, another parasite that can attack dogs. For this reason, many pet parents choose the pill form of protection. It is one medication that protects against three kinds of parasites. It's easier to administer, and less costly.
However, illness and sudden death have been reported in animals after taking just one pill. The brand known as Trifexis was the focus of an investigative report done by WSB-TV in Atlanta. After several tragic dog deaths resulted from administration of just one Trifexis pill, the station decided to investigate.
Many dogs are able to tolerate Trifexis with no side effects. But for some dogs, death has resulted after just one pill. The problem is this: there is no way to determine which dogs will be fine and which may die. You won't find out if your dog is one of the minority until it's too late.

Pet Protector - Innovation At It's Best

An "out of the box" thinking team has come up with a scientific solution to the age-old flea and tick problem. Pet Protector is a simple metal tag, that when placed on your dog, creates a field of protection using scalar waves. These waves are safe for you and your pet, but they create a hostile environment for external parasites including mosquitos, fleas, and ticks. Ten years of research and testing have gone into this product. Here are some of the advantages that Pet Protector has over other products for protecting your loved ones:
This technology eliminates pet owner concerns about chemical exposure and the possible damage it can cause to their beloved family members.

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