Mutt Monday Wraps Ups 'Likes' Contest Today: Did You Vote?

Mutt Monday Wraps Ups 'Likes' Contest Today: Did You Vote?

by Carrie Boyko, CEB
Optimized MuttMonday BadgeIt's the last day of the contest for your favorite post at Mutt Monday. This has been a 3 week event, allowing you to select each of the posts you most enjoyed with a "Like" vote beneath its entry. The blog who linked up the most votes will receive a 30 day ad on All Things Dog Blog. 

While I appreciate all the votes for my posts, I'm not in the running, so the rest of the bloggers will love to see those "Likes" go higher at theirs. 

Mutt Monday is an anything goes pet blog hop. Just keep it family friendly and pet-themed and you're in. Thanks for joining in to highlight your favorite posts from the last week. Feel free to link up as many as you wish to share. Happy tails!

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