Fido's Freebie Friday Debuts

Fido's Freebie Friday Debuts

by Carrie Boyko, CEB


Welcome to our first Fido's Freebie Friday Weekly Blog Hop! We hope to get the word out about this event so that you will soon find it to be the go-to place for all your pet product giveaways each week. Be sure to pop in every Friday or over the weekend to see what's available out there from Pet Bloggers who have products and services to give away.

Grab the badge that you see above from my sidebar where I have offered the code to make it easy for you to load to your own site.  The plan is to keep this as simple as possible. There are only 2 rules:
  1. The Fido's Freebie Friday Blog Hop is open to posts about giveaways, drawings, sweepstakes, and freebies of all pet products or services, including pet-related items for owners.
  2. Please post the badge in your Fido's Freebie Friday blog post and invite your readers to visit their host, All Things Dog Blog. Comments are encouraged!

    The Fido's Freebie Friday Blog Hop will open each Thursday afternoon by 4 PM and close at midnite on Fridays. During these hours you may add your pet related products to the hop with a link directly to your giveaway post at your blog. This blog hop is ONLY for free pet products or services, and may include any contests that involve a free pet-related prize (photo contests, guessing games, etc). If you have multiple giveaways, feel free to post each of them. 

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Two Totes, 1 Sling, 1 Small Handbag
Today, I'm going to dangle a little carrot. I have 4 adorable, dog-themed handbags that I will toss out as prizes to be drawn from bloggers' entries into the blog hops today and next Friday, as well as for readers who leave a comment sharing their thoughts about this fun place to shop for free pet goodies. Entries will be taken through Thursday, June 16, 2011. Winners will be announced on the Fido's Freebie Friday Blog Hop on Friday, June 17th. Enter through the comment link at the bottom of the blog.

Now I'm going to kick this off in a big way. Friday I'll have the pleasure of announcing a 12 bag giveaway of Organix Dog food. Watch for the post Friday morning. Now it's your turn. Bring it on!

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